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Random Shots from Manila

More to come once I get home.

I could probably do an entire book on jeepneys, just find a good street corner and grab shots as they roll on by. No two are even remotely alike.

Despite what you might think, these kids were not begging. They were just fascinated by the white guy with the camera and wanted to have their picture taken.

Stitch panorama shot taken in Taguig.


Chase Jarvis’s Secrets for Exceptional Photography

Chase Jarvis is one of the most successful photographers currently working in the area of commercial photography in the US.  His own blog is filled with great information. This video from SilberStudios features Jarvis being interviewed by Marc Silber and covers some of the most elemental conceptual stuff – basically it boils down to “just get out and shoot” and “don’t be afraid to fail.”  Simple advice but good.



Sleepless in The Bronx

Don’t know, I’ve been in the US for 5 days now, jetlag is still all over the place – tonight I slept from 8 PM to 1 AM.  Now I’m wide awake there’s not much around where I’m staying, plus I don’t feel all that safe walking around with the camera equipment here at night, but did find a few things to shoot.

Should I mention that this was shot through a chain link fence?

The above is a great commentary on old times versus new when you realize there is absolutely nothing historic or notable about this building – it was purpose built for the train yard.  And yet, this is what people used to aspire to in New York.  A sadly bygone era, they would never build anything like this for this kind of purpose today.

Skeleton crew working at 3 AM.

Would you believe the above shot is ISO 9,000, 1/4th of a second, hand held?

Last but not least, ISO 12,800, 1/6th of a second, also hand held.  Gotta love the Nikon D700 and the Nikkor 70-200 f/2.8.