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Xperience Live 15 & New Galleries

Xperience Live 15 was a showcase held at Xperience Bar in Wanchai, Hong Kong on January 5th, 2013.  Performers that night included Raymond Mo, Papancha, Say Mosquito and Shepherds The Weak.

Note that I’ve moved the galleries out from under the Portfolio section to their own Galleries section. At the moment there are galleries for Flaming Lips, Jeff Beck, Underground 106 and Xperience Live 15.

Here are a few shots from Xperience Live 15 – hit the Gallery page to see more.


Music Photo Portfolio Slideshow

I’ve put together a slide show of my favorite music photos from the past few years.

If you like it, please share it!

If you want to hire me to shoot your band, in concert or in the studio, please contact me.


Spike’s Photos In Print

My photo of Chris B was used for a profile of her in the latest issue of HK Magazine.

(The same photo also appears in the Table of Contents as the image chosen for “Cover Story: Hongkongers Who Rock (Literally)”.)

One of my photos from the Mongolian Investment Summit appears in the latest issue of Mongolian Economy Magazine.

As a reminder, you can view my portfolio here and feel free to contact me if you want to license any image from the site or to hire me as a photographer.


Spike’s Photos Version 2.0

I’ve completed the preliminary restructuring and design of the site.  There is a new landing page that showcases my work in a few key areas.  There are now six galleries in the section titled Portfolio.  There will be more adjustments coming but the big stuff is done.  Please take a look and let me know your thoughts.


What’s Next For Spike’s Photos?

I’m nearing the two year anniversary for this web site.  The first year was kind of slow but readership picked up in the second year thanks to a bit of SEO, a few (hopefully) worthwhile comments on other blogs and probably some reciprocal links.  I have  As the two year mark approaches, I’m thinking about what I want from this page and what I will do here next.

While the site was primarily set up to share my own photos and thoughts on photography, I often included links to other items of interest to me.  I share. That’s my nature.  But sharing for what purpose?

This site had over 9,000 unique visitors in October 2012.  Less than 30 comments (not counting spam).  A certain hard core number of people who keep coming back or have me in their RSS reader but a very large group of people who find this site via Google searches for camera reviews.   I have no idea how many return, I don’t spend the time viewing reports to that level of detail.  Most of these people aren’t interested in the photos here, just whatever I’ve written or linked to about whatever camera they’re interested in.

The links that I provide to Amazon and B&H Photo that might provide me with some money are rarely clicked on.  That’s okay enough. Every web site has associate links; there’s no overwhelming reason to click on mine.   I basically earn back enough to cover my annual hosting costs, which are low.   It would be nice to earn some extra cash given that I’ve essentially been unemployed for a substantial period of time, but it is what it is.  I know what it would take to get me to that level but it’s a matter of finding the time to do it.

Nothing is free and that includes time.  My time.  I have too many things to do, too many things I’m working on, my attention and focus are often too divided for me to properly concentrate on those things that will bring me some form of return – whether that return be financial or just making some new friends.

So I doubt I’ll be doing any of those news link posts any more.  If you come here looking for that, sorry, there probably won’t be much of it in the future.  I’m still going to post my own photos, my own tales of my learning process and my mistakes, the occasional review or mention of equipment I’m using.

Anyway, happy upcoming anniversary to me.  Thanks for reading this.  Really.