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So Long and Thanks For All the Fish

It’s renewal time for this site and I don’t think I’m going to do it. In case you didn’t notice, I almost never post anything here any more (my last update was over 3 months ago) and that’s because I almost never shoot anything worth sharing here anymore. PASM is gone and I think it’s time for this site to go as well. I’m going to export everything and maybe one of these days I’ll add the galleries to

Thanks to everyone who followed this site through the years. I’ve enjoyed sharing my pictures with you.





Works in Progress

There’s just not enough time in the day (or the night).

I’ve been so busy with various things (not least of which is getting ready for a trip to London and Paris; I leave tomorrow) that it didn’t dawn on me today that I’ve never really finished going through my shots of Faye Wan. I picked one out for an upcoming exhibition but then never returned to the rest of the photos. So I’m doing that bit by bit.



Friends asked me to shoot their wedding. I’m not a wedding photographer by any means but I think I did a fairly respectable job of it.

Then I was hired to shoot a CD launch party, complete with live sets from three bands. That was a paid gig, so I had no excuse not to finish that one off quickly.


And earlier tonight we had a bit of fun at our studio, PASM Workshop.  It was supposed to be a competition amongst the partners, all shooting a model at the same time and seeing who would come away with the best shot – with the loser buying dinner. We never got to the competition bit, we just shot and then filled our bellies.  During the shoot I was asked why I stopped shooting so soon. Well, I knew I already had some good stuff and there’s only so many hours in the day (and night).



Now I don’t consider myself a commercial photographer. If I was, like my buddy Richard Chen, then I’d be looking at every detail and making the sorts of minor adjustments to skin tones and texture that only a trained eye would notice. I did try something different here though – bringing out the eyes a bit more. I also have to say that we have a great crew. With this model (Yumi), Harris and Victoria setting up the lights, Tim on hair and Ash doing make-up, it made my work easy – and fun.

As always, more to come.



Best of Spike?



In preparation for Scraped (link is to the Facebook event page), my upcoming group gallery show in Soho in February, the curator has put together this collage of my photos.  Not a bad selection, if I say so myself.


Check Out My Facebook Page

If you’re reading this blog, please take a moment to click over to my Spike’s Photos Facebook page and “like” it.  Liking the page will mean you’re notified every time there’s a new post here. I’m also trying to put some different content there – for the past couple of weeks I’ve been going through my archives to do a “photo o’ the day” post and I suspect that will continue for awhile.

By the way, I’ll tentatively have some photos in two upcoming exhibitions in Hong Kong. More details on those once confirmed.


My Photo in MOJO Magazine

MOJO is a monthly music magazine from the UK that leans towards coverage of classic rock.  And this month, they ran one of my photos – a photo of David Peel that I took over 40 years ago!


I’d previously posted a scan of this photo on the blog, which is how they found it.

I’m thrilled to be included in the magazine, even if it’s just a tiny photo I took back in my college days.  BTW, my friend Kevin Westenberg is a staff photographer there.  (He’s an amazingly talented photographer, check his web site!)