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The Nikon D800 for Street Photography?

Well, yes and no.  The camera is too large and conspicuous to allow you to shoot and not be noticed.  But one advantage of the 36 megapixel sensor, as I see it, is that one can be relatively far away from the subject and do some serious cropping and still come away with a richly detailed image.

I think my poor results when I was first starting out with the camera were due to not having really learned the various auto-focus options at that point.

And then just take it down to b&w for that Leica Monochrom look?  Sure, why not?

I noticed I’ve got a stubborn little bit of schmutz on my sensor.  The standard method of just selecting “clean sensor” from the menu doesn’t seem to be dislodging this. I guess tomorrow it’s over to Stanley Street to buy some sort of sensor cleaning solution – hope it won’t be raining.


I Haven’t Forgotten My Fuji X100

For a walking around, street photography kind of camera, I’m convinced that the Fuji X100 is about as good as it gets right now (keeping in mind that I’ll never be able to afford to own a Leica M-9).  The size is great for not attracting attention to yourself and I find the controls on it just a complete pleasure to use.  So a few quick shots from today, walking around Sai Kung town.

You may find this hard to believe but this shot was taken from the 4th floor of a car park in the middle of Sai Kung town.  It’s one of the few spots I know where one can get an unobstructed view of the mountains that mark the district’s border.

Once a year they close down one of the streets in town and build a huge theater out of bamboo and corrugated tin for Cantonese opera and that time of year is now.  I managed to get this one photo before someone ran up and stood in front of me with her arms crossed and a very stern expression on her face.  Oh well.

We sat outdoors across from the theater for lunch.  I took some pictures of people passing by – mostly their backs because they were staring at the theater.  And then I got a shot of this guy, whom I’ve dubbed Mr. Cool.

It was freaking hot today, wish I’d brought a fan too.

My dog Bogey (as in Humphrey Bogart) always gets a lot of attention when I bring him to town.  This little boy, wearing a Snoopy t-shirt, was shy at first and then couldn’t stop petting him.

Tip – a dog is a great way to get people to come to you and while people are busy looking at the dog, you can get busy taking pictures of them.


Sai Kung Saturday

The weather was just glorious on Saturday and on days like this, there’s no better place to be in Hong Kong than Sai Kung.


Fuji X100 – More Random Photos

The Fuji X100 goes everywhere with me now.  I think there’s only been one day in the past month when I went out with my Nikon D700 instead of the Fuji.  It may not be pocket-sized but it can certainly get the shots I want.  And of course, the more time I spend with it, the better I’m getting (hopefully).

Let’s start with this shot of the temple in Sai Kung town – ISO 3200, 1/40th of a second, F/2:

Sai Kung Temple

This is literally the result of hanging out with some friends at Anthony’s Ranch, glancing over and thinking how nice the temple looked and grabbing this image with very little fuss or bother.

Here’s the crowd at the Ranch:

Anthony's Ranch, Sai Kung

Later that week, walking around Sheung Wan during lunch time, didn’t quite get the shots that I wanted (need to work more on pre-visualization) but liked the name of this shop!

Leaky Fishing Tackle?

Last for now, some shots of Icebox at Amazonia.  The constantly changing lighting there is challenging and I often end up spending a lot of time in Lightroom adjusting color.  Here’s Willy, the amazing lead guitarist.

Willy, lead guitarist for Icebox at Amazonia in Hong Kong

Willy, lead guitarist for Icebox, at Amazonia in Hong Kong

Here’s one of those shots that I plan to go back and do again:

Willy, lead guitarist for Icebox, at Amazonia in Hong Kong

Here’s Edwin, Icebox’s version of Keith Richards:

Edwin, guitarist for Icebox, at Amazonia in Hong Kong

When you’re working with a very narrow depth of field and you have just a split second to react, you need to be lucky.  Here’s a couple of times that I got lucky that night.

Kerr, drummer for Icebox, at Amazonia in Hong Kong

Spyke, lead singer for Icebox, at Amazonia in Hong Kong

Yes, more to come.






Sunday in the Park With Dogs

Sunday afternoon, 25 degrees and not a cloud in the sky, just the usual grey haze from the pollution.  This is the season that has the weather that I wait for all year.  If some days are diamonds, this was definitely one.  And while I’ve sometimes thought about moving away from Sai Kung, this is one of those days that makes me think, “Why would I ever want to go anywhere else?”   Yes, another Sunday down to the waterfront with dogs and camera.  It was a picture postcard kind of day.

Today, these dogs were attracting the most attention.  Notice that not only has their fur been dyed, their toenails have been painted.

I especially love watching kids reacting to the dogs.  Many parents in Hong Kong teach their kids to fear animals while others encourage new encounters.

But it seems not everyone’s happy to be there.

Most people were content to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Over by the pier, people are busy shopping for their Sunday dinner.  As you can see, you can buy some fish directly from the fishermen.  I have heard tales about fishermen who’ve had a bad day at sea and the fish they’re selling are simply ones they bought earlier at the local market.  At any rate, in Sai Kung you can bring your fish home to cook or to many of the local restaurants that will happily cook it for you.

As you might expect, there was no shortage of beautiful women (probably beautiful men as well, though I wouldn’t notice).

I consider myself very fortunate to live here.

Originally published on Hongkie Town.