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Open Show Hong Kong #1

The first Open Show Hong Kong took place at PASM Workshop last night, featuring photos and presentations from Jonathan van Smit, Yoav Horesh, Brett Elmer, Thomas Luk, Kenny Yung, Tse Oi Lam and Sean Creamer.  It was a great showcase as each photographer not only showed their work but also discussed some of the how and why behind their pictures as well as taking questions from the audience.  Here’s a slide show of some of my photos from the event:

PASM CrewJonathan van SmitKenny Yung, Curt Chow, Thomas LukBeautiful Contax CameraCurt ChowOpen ShowOpen ShowHarris - PASM CrewVictoria - PASM CrewKenny YungThomas LukYolanda Van Der MeschtKenny YungSean CreamerSean CreamerMe Trying Sean's TechniqueThomas LukGorgeous HasselbladBrett ElmerYoav HoreshJonathan van Smit


The Sleeves in The Studio

The Sleeves is one of my favorite Hong Kong bands at the moment.  I’ve seen them live several times and been impressed with them each time.  They’ve been around for four years and describe their sound as “crunch & groove, croon & fuzz, beat & melody.”  They released their first album, Arcade Rock, last year.  You can find them playing live somewhere in Hong Kong almost every week – a couple of months back they put together the “Brit Rock” showcase at Hong Kong Brew House and they played at this year’s Clockenflap festival.

I invited them to join me at PASM Workshop for a photo shoot and here are some of the results.

Here’s singer-guitarist Keith Goodman.

Lead guitarist Pete Gordon:

Andrew Gardner on bass:

And drummer Matt Coleman:

If you’d like to hire me to shoot your band, on stage, in the studio or out on location, please send me an email.


Fuji X-Pro1 Recent Shots

I may not have been posting here too often but in part that’s because I’m shooting more photos than ever.  And while I’m relying on my Nikon D800 for any professional (or semi-professional) work, I’m using the X-Pro1 more often and trying to get used to its idiosyncrasies.  I’ve stopped shooting in RAW at least for the time being (word is that Fuji is now working directly with Adobe so maybe we’ll see some improvement in Adobe’s interpolation of Fuji’s RAW files in the near future) and also been playing around with the various in-camera filters.

Anyway, here’s a random compendium of photos shot with the Fuji X-Pro1 over the past couple of weeks.

The first two shots are of Yolanda and Sasha, who are running the Hong Kong edition of Open Show, which will be at PASM Workshop.  More on this later.

Here’s Chris B – of course I’ve shot her several times in the past.

Walking around in my ‘hood:

A few nights ago at The Wanch:

Even with the latest firmware upgrade for the lenses (released about a week ago), it remains challenging to properly capture “moving targets.”  But for relatively stationary people and objects, the camera is fabulous.  These days I’m mostly shooting wide open or close to it, 1/125th of a second or faster, and using auto-ISO – most of the bar shots above came out at ISO 6400 and you can see noise is definitely not an issue here.

More to come, of course.


Emily Soto’s Post on Hong Kong Workshop

I previously wrote about the workshop led by Emily Soto at PASM in Hong Kong.  Emily has now written about it herself on her blog.  What’s especially nice is that among the photos are a few of my behind-the-scenes shots (though not the one with her with dirty knees!).

If you’re interested in fashion photography, Emily has upcoming workshops scheduled in Malaysia and Singapore.  Check her blog for details.  It seems as if she and her husband Vic have fallen in love with Asia!



Emily Soto Workshop In Hong Kong

This past weekend, PASM Workshop hosted a 2 day seminar on fashion led by renowned U.S. fashion photographer Emily Soto.  Emily has risen to fame rapidly in the US and for everyone who attended it was a chance to learn more about her unique style as well as get some tips on advancing one’s career.  For me, it was a chance to meet and hang out with Emily and her husband Vic Soto, a 3D artist.  We did a welcome dinner for them in Lan Kwai Fong, a “meet and greet” party for all of the workshop attendees in Tsim Sha Tsui and celebrated the completion of the workshop with a big seafood dinner in Sai Kung.  Here are several photos from the past week.

Emily also found time to do two photo shoots in Hong Kong, including one at PASM the day after the workshop was over, with model Phuong Rouzaire, one of the two models at the workshop.

A great time was truly had by all and we can’t wait for Emily and Vic to return to Hong Kong.