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Hazden New CD & Upcoming Show

I shot the band Hazden at an Underground show in December 2012. As a music fan, I enjoyed their set – they say they’ve fused British rock and J-rock to create their own style.  As a photographer, the band stood out for me because Faye Wan, their lead singer, has such a beautiful and distinctive look.


The band has just released a new 6 song EP titled Once. (The link is to the digital version available on iTunes.) They’ve been around since 2007 but I believe this is their first CD.  The songs are all original compositions by the band, sung in English and Cantonese.

I received an autographed copy in the mail this week:


They sent it to me because they used some of my photos from that gig in the nicely designed booklet that accompanies the CD.  Honestly, I would have been happy enough with the credit they gave me in the booklet. The autographed CD is a nice bonus!

They’ve got a CD release party coming up in Hong Kong next month.


It’s July 19th at the Fringe Club.  They’ve lined up two opening acts and I think it’s going to be a great night for independent Hong Kong music. You can find out all the details on the event page on Facebook.


Beertopia Hong Kong Gallery Now Up

This was the second year for Beertopia Hong Kong – a festival of craft beers from around the world.  Last year it was held at the Western Market in Sheung Wan; this year it was outdoors at the West Kowloon Promenade.  Aside from the beers, there was a good selection of food and 10 bands performing live, including visiting Canadian band Van de Kamp. I was hired to shoot the afternoon session and it enjoyed it so much that I returned in the evening with my girlfriend to join in the crowd.  Here’s a few photos, lots more can be found on the Beertopia Hong Kong 2013 gallery page.







My Photo in MOJO Magazine

MOJO is a monthly music magazine from the UK that leans towards coverage of classic rock.  And this month, they ran one of my photos – a photo of David Peel that I took over 40 years ago!


I’d previously posted a scan of this photo on the blog, which is how they found it.

I’m thrilled to be included in the magazine, even if it’s just a tiny photo I took back in my college days.  BTW, my friend Kevin Westenberg is a staff photographer there.  (He’s an amazingly talented photographer, check his web site!)



Anti Social Media Underground

I shot an event called Anti Social Media Underground at the Backstage bar in Lan Kwai Fong on January 12th for the good folks at Hong Kong’s Underground.  The concept was to forget all about social media for a few hours and pay attention to the bands on stage.  Here are a few highlights:

Opening act Innisfallen:


Dr. Eggs flying high:


And finally spacey progressive sounds from Macau’s Forget The G:


Here’s our hostess with the mostest, Chris B:


And one of many audience shots:


I mostly shot without a flash tonight (except for the audience shots), attempting to preserve the ambiance and gaining the ability to shoot in burst mode.  I think the flash would have served me better during Dr. Eggs’ energetic set and it did mean some extra work in terms of getting the colors reasonably right given the stage lighting there.  I might go back to shooting with the flash next time out.

There’s an entire gallery of images from the evening here.

And remember, if you’d like to hire me to shoot your band or event, contact me and let’s talk!


Xperience Live 15 & New Galleries

Xperience Live 15 was a showcase held at Xperience Bar in Wanchai, Hong Kong on January 5th, 2013.  Performers that night included Raymond Mo, Papancha, Say Mosquito and Shepherds The Weak.

Note that I’ve moved the galleries out from under the Portfolio section to their own Galleries section. At the moment there are galleries for Flaming Lips, Jeff Beck, Underground 106 and Xperience Live 15.

Here are a few shots from Xperience Live 15 – hit the Gallery page to see more.