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Angelababy Screwed Up

One of the more popular current models in Hong Kong goes by the stage name Angelababy.   She’s been in several films, released some records, has her name attached to some restaurants and other businesses – all by the age of 23.  I’ve got no idea if she possesses any actual talent but she’s certainly easy on the eyes.

(It’s been rumored that she’s undergone extensive plastic surgery to achieve her current look, which would not be unusual in this part of the world.)

Why mention her in a blog post here (aside from the opportunity to run a picture of a pretty girl)?  Well, she was a spokesmodel for Panasonic.  And she leaked Panasonic’s GF5 camera to the world by posting a photo of it on Instagram.  Panasonic has retaliated –  canceling her contract, demanding a full refund on her contract plus 10% additional as a “penalty.”  If you’re interested, you can view the original story here (in Chinese) and a partial translation and discussion here.  The matter will be settled in a Beijing court.

Someone should have told her to stick to posting pictures of her meals on Instagram.


PASM Relocation Party Photos

PASM Workshop celebrated its new location in San Po Kong with a great party on August 27th.  A few photos here, many more in the Gallery page.


I hope that you’ll have a chance to come down and check out our studio soon.


Clarice at PASM

These photos are from a session at PASM in early April, 2010.  I had just gotten my Nikon 105mm f/2.8 lens for doing macro stuff and was anxious to try it out as a portrait lens.   As it happens, I wasn’t too crazy about the set they had built for this shoot.  The theme was supposed to be Gothic but it didn’t seem very Gothic to me.  So it was a good excuse to shoot primarily portrait shots.  Model Clarice Lau is a PASM regular and I’ve shot photos of her on several occasions.  But after the shoot, when I looked at the pictures, I wasn’t really seeing anything.

Looking at the photos nine months later, I decided to try a few different things in Lightroom to see what I could develop.   As one example, this shot had a kind of old-timey feel to me, so I brought it down to black and white and then added a lot of grain, reminding me of something from the days of silent pictures.

Not bad, right?  But I wanted something more.  I finally found what I was looking for by reducing clarity to -100 and then bumping up both the saturation and the contrast.

I like the warm glow on these shots.

I also found that the tighter I cropped the image, the better it looked to me.

One more shot, a little touch of mystery:

More photos from this session can be found on the Gallery page.


PASM Halloween Party

Here’s a few pictures from the great Halloween party we had at PASM Workshop.   Our talented make-up artist Evelyn did horror make-up for everyone who came.   We had a funky set, a model a bit too attached to a doll and barbecue of unspecified origin out on the terrace.  A great time was had by all!


Christy Yan

Model Christy Yan at PASM Workshop, February 5, 2010.