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New Gallery Page – Friday Night Rocks

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a new Gallery page here. It’s also been a long time since I’ve shot an event like this one. Friday Night Rocks featured 8 local HK indie bands and 1 Korean band – all outdoors at the New Central Harbourfront, as part of the HK Fanzone activities for this years Hong Kong Rugby 7’s.  It was also the first in a series of events celebrating Underground’s 10th anniversary.

Hong Kong bands included Helter Skelter, Hey Joe Trio, Noughts and Exes, Shotgun Politics, Bamboo Star, ToNick, Dr. Eggs and Supper Moment. The Korean band was the amazing Galaxy Express.

The gallery page is here, with more than 80 photos from the evening.  Here’s a few of my absolute favorite shots from the night:







New Work in Progress – Girl With Tattoos #3

Number 3 in my hopefully ongoing series of Hong Kong women with tattoos.




Still Here, Just Not As Often

Yes, I’m still shooting. These are from 3 bands performing live at Backstage Live in Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong, January 2014. The bands – Operator, Bank Job, The Sleeves

Operator live in Hong Kong

Operator live in Hong Kong





Best of Spike?



In preparation for Scraped (link is to the Facebook event page), my upcoming group gallery show in Soho in February, the curator has put together this collage of my photos.  Not a bad selection, if I say so myself.


I Love To Shoot

One of the ways I know how much photography means to me …

Last night I was booked to shoot the launch party for HK indie band Operator‘s new CD, Observatory Road.  Three bands, crappy lighting, sold out venue (which meant I had little room to move around).  I didn’t get home until after 1 AM and I was exhausted.

Even so, I could not go to bed without first importing my photos into Lightroom and doing a quick check on what I got.

Ben Robinson, Operator

Ben Robinson, Operator

I shot 925 photos in 3 hours and on first past 282 of them I rate “okay” which means I’ve got a lot left to do …