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Orange Peel

Orange Peel is a new music bar and lounge in Lan Kwai Fong. If you know Peel Fresco in Soho, most of the people involved in that bar are also running this one. A close friend is one of the co-owners, which mean I was invited to their soft opening party last night. Lots of wine and lots of live music.

Since it was a Saturday night and since I intended to drink more than Coca Cola, I didn’t want to lug a bag full of gear along. I slipped my Sony RX100 Mark III into my pocket to see how well it would do. The answer is – for the most part, quite good for its size.


(1/160th of a second, F2.8, ISO 5000)

These days I tend to mostly shoot semi-manual – manual shutter speed, manual F stop, auto ISO.


What I’m liking:

Of course, the faster lens, that only drops down to F2.8 instead of the useless (for me) F4.9 of the older Sony RX100 Mark I.

The tilt screen and electronic viewfinder (EVF) were both amazingly helpful for composing shots.

The shots when the camera chose ISO 4000 or ISO 5000 were all quite acceptable.

There’s no noticeable lag between pushing the shutter button and actually taking the shot, meaning I could capture the moments I wanted.


What I’m not liking:

When the camera “dropped down” to ISO 6400, the results were starting to get unacceptably noisy, as seen in this photo:



Also, I clearly need to go back to the manual and read more about the focus modes. I must be doing something wrong, because I tried just about every combination of focus and metering modes and the camera kept selecting faces off to the side, rather than the one smack in the middle of the image, to focus on. Even though depth of field when shooting wide open on a small sensor camera isn’t quite as narrow as on a full frame, it’s still “off” enough to be noticeable.


Overall, I’m quite pleased with the results. The Sony RX100 Mark III is an amazingly capable camera for its size. I can only begin to guess how much better a Mark V or Mark VI might be a few years down the line.

I also had a really nice time at Orange Peel and wish them a lot of luck going forward.


2nd International Hong Kong Tattoo Convention 2014






I was traveling last year when Hong Kong’s first tattoo convention was held. Fortunately I was home this year for the 2nd International Hong Kong Tattoo Convention 2014 and wasn’t going to miss it. Here’s some shots from the show, a whole lot more can be found on the  gallery page for the event.





This Is Also Hong Kong

When I posted this photo to my timeline on Facebook, one of the comments I got was from someone who said, “What a shame, it’s probably been re-developed by now.” And that means this photo was successful, in my opinion, because it was shot just two weeks ago but I was hoping it would appear timeless. (By the way, this is just a 5 minute walk from my home.)




And here’s another shot, I zoomed in a bit when the farmer turned around and saw me.


Another thing about these pictures is that they were shot with my Sony RX100 (Mark 1). Back when I bought the Sony RX10 I was tempted to sell this camera off and I’m so glad I didn’t.  I don’t think there are many cameras out there that can fit into my jeans pockets that have full manual controls, RAW and can take such nicely detailed shots.  These photos were shot RAW and processed in both Lightroom and Silver Efex Pro.

I love the wide range of adjustments for monochrome that you can do so easily in SEP, both through the various presets/filters and the sliders. Ansel Adams was once quoted saying, roughly, that when someone looks at one of his photos, he wants them to feel what he felt at the moment he took it. That’s a very inspirational thought to me, and when I do go down to monochrome for an image, Silver Efex Pro helps me to easily get the image to match the one I have in my head.

I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of the photographic possibilities in my neighborhood because I’ve mostly been concentrating on studio shoots and band shoots, but I’m going to mix things up a bit more as time goes by.


Robben Ford Photo Gallery Is Up

Legendary guitarist Robben Ford appeared live in concert in Hong Kong at the Sha Tin Town Hall on April 29, 2014.  My photos from the concert can be found here. Here’s one to hopefully whet your appetite to see more.

Robben Ford



Robben Ford, Jeff Beck, Hong Kong

Here’s another of my shots of Robben Ford live in Hong Kong, April 29 2014.

Robben Ford

Robben Ford


And just for the hell of it, here’s a couple of never-before posted shots of Jeff Beck live in Hong Kong in 2010.


Jeff Beck live in Hong Kong

Jeff Beck live in Hong Kong

Jeff Beck

Jeff Beck