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Beertopia Hong Kong Gallery Now Up

This was the second year for Beertopia Hong Kong – a festival of craft beers from around the world.  Last year it was held at the Western Market in Sheung Wan; this year it was outdoors at the West Kowloon Promenade.  Aside from the beers, there was a good selection of food and 10 bands performing live, including visiting Canadian band Van de Kamp. I was hired to shoot the afternoon session and it enjoyed it so much that I returned in the evening with my girlfriend to join in the crowd.  Here’s a few photos, lots more can be found on the Beertopia Hong Kong 2013 gallery page.







Some Shenzhen Photos

Just posting some pictures here.  For the story behind them, you can check it out on Hongkie Town. A very hot day and a very rainy night so no walking-around photos.



Staff meal:

Kaktooz band at X-Ta-Sea Bar

All shot with the Fuji X-Pro1 with the 35mm F1.4 lens.  It’s just insane (in a good way) how narrow the depth of field is at F1.4 and how beautifully detailed the images can be when things come together.  For the band shots, I probably should have switched autofocus from S to C – too many out-of-focus shots as well as the terrible stage lighting (for photography) at that bar.  (Kaktooz are friends.  They used to be one of the house bands at Amazonia in Wanchai and I hadn’t seen them since they moved up to Shenzhen more than a year ago.)



Food Photos

If there’s one thing the Fuji X100 does really well (and okay, there are many), it’s photos of food.  These are both shot in macro mode using just available light.

First is from the Sheung Wan branch of Cafe O:


Seriously, I just quickly grabbed the shot during lunch for the hell of it.  Looked at it a day later and was just gob-smacked at how tack sharp this lens is.

Next some Jamon Iberico from the Sai Kung branch of Classified.  They charge about HK$160 for this plate (plus 3 slices of really nice bread).  Excellent stuff, of course, but no better and no worse than one can find just about anywhere else.

What do you think about the focus on this?  Shallow depth of field, of course, and I wanted the pickle in focus.  Can’t decide if this one works or not.

Last, steak sandwich at Classified:

Honestly, I don’t know what they’re thinking here.  The brown gravy was completely boring.  Let’s not get into the whole philosophical argument about whether one should be able to pick up a steak sandwich and eat it with your hands, which is completely impossible here.  But lettuce and tomato?  Really?  Which aside from everything else also made it impossible to use a knife and fork and get a nice bit of steak and bread at the same time without first moving the salady stuff out of the way.

Anyway, more to come I’m sure.