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Best of Spike?



In preparation for Scraped (link is to the Facebook event page), my upcoming group gallery show in Soho in February, the curator has put together this collage of my photos.  Not a bad selection, if I say so myself.


Open Show Hong Kong #2

I know – it’s been a long time since I’ve posted.  I’ve been busy between my house move and job search and haven’t been shooting much lately.  I should have mentioned Open Show Hong Kong #2 before it happened but I just didn’t get to it.  My apologies.

Open Show Hong Kong #2, held at PASM Workshop, featured 5 outstanding photographers, exhibiting and discussing their work and taking questions from the audience:

Khai van Kampen:


Manpreet Singh:


Isaac Pereira:


Jan Kudej:


Liam Fitzpatrick:


Open Show Hong Kong #3 will take place in mid April.  If you’re interested in exhibiting or attending (it’s free!) drop me a line.  Here’s a few shots of some of the people in the audience.







I think it’s fair to say a good time was had by all.  I hope to see some of you at our next event.


Open Show Hong Kong #1

The first Open Show Hong Kong took place at PASM Workshop last night, featuring photos and presentations from Jonathan van Smit, Yoav Horesh, Brett Elmer, Thomas Luk, Kenny Yung, Tse Oi Lam and Sean Creamer.  It was a great showcase as each photographer not only showed their work but also discussed some of the how and why behind their pictures as well as taking questions from the audience.  Here’s a slide show of some of my photos from the event:

PASM CrewJonathan van SmitKenny Yung, Curt Chow, Thomas LukBeautiful Contax CameraCurt ChowOpen ShowOpen ShowHarris - PASM CrewVictoria - PASM CrewKenny YungThomas LukYolanda Van Der MeschtKenny YungSean CreamerSean CreamerMe Trying Sean's TechniqueThomas LukGorgeous HasselbladBrett ElmerYoav HoreshJonathan van Smit


Open Show, the global organization that organizes live events worldwide, is pleased to announce their first event in Hong Kong. The public will get a chance to see compelling works and interact directly with seven international photographers, each of whom who will be presenting projects featuring 20 images. The headlining presenter is renowned New Zealand street photographer Jonathan van Smit, who will be presenting ‘City of Dreams.’

Other photographers who have been selected to present at Open Show’s first Hong Kong exhibition are Yoav Horesh, Brett Elmer, Thomas Luk, Kenny Yung, Tse Oi Lam and Sean Creamer.

The King of Hong Kong street photography, Jonathan van Smit has been photographing in Hong Kong since early 2008. His photographs are stark and gritty depictions of the underbelly of Kowloon. His work has been described as ”raw, sometimes shockingly so, but never sensationalist. It’s full of boredom, sadness, loneliness and neglect”.

Israeli professor of photography, Yoav Horesh has exhibited nationally and internationally in galleries and museums including Germany, Italy, Israel, the United States, Hong Kong and also with Amnesty International. Yoav’s work was featured, written about and published in magazines, art journals and websites across three continents and he has given public lectures/artists talks in art schools, universities and galleries in The United States and Europe. He will be presenting ‘Where We Stand’, the project takes a look at how people perceive and relate to public space.

Australian, Brett Elmer is currently working on his PhD thesis and will be presenting ‘The Ongoing Demolition of Uyghur Culture’, a photography project which he hopes reflects the analysis and research he is conducting. The project is related to Chinese government policies enacted to hasten the assimilation of the Uyghur minority of China’s north-west Xinjiang province with the greater Chinese state. Some of these photographs have been published by The World Uyghur Congress.

Thomas Luk is a Hong Kong photographer who has had the chance to visit some textile factories in China. He will be presenting ‘Working Hours’, a document of the daily lives of the factory workers in these establishments.

Kenny Yung will be presenting ‘Thug on the Streets’, snapshots of interesting street scenes in Hong Kong.

Tse Oi Lam will be presenting a mixed media project, ‘HIDE’, which is based on surrealism and feminism.

South African, Sean Creamer will be presenting ‘Crystal Castles’ a photography project that explores the world within a world concept in Hong Kong.

The hotly anticipated launch will take place at 8pm on December 14th, 2012 at PASM Workshop, Flat C, 1/F, Block C, Chin Fat Factory Building, 3 Tsat Po Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon, Hong Kong.


Open Show organizes live events worldwide where the public can see compelling work and interact directly with photographers, filmmakers and multimedia producers in high‐profile spaces.  Open Show’s core activity is our monthly social screenings featuring curated presenters (from students to award-winning professionals) presenting a 20 image project or 3‐8 minute film with live audience questions and feedback.  Open Show had its beginnings in San Francisco in 2008 and since then has rapidly grown into a high-profile photography and film advocacy organization with communities in 17 countries.

Contact Details:

Yolanda van der Mescht, Lead Co-Producer

Tel: +852 6171 5580


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PASM Workshop is Hong Kong’s most unique photography studio and event space.  Founded in 2009, PASM Workshop has been the official photo studio and event photographer for the Hong Kong Fashion World Talents Awards, Habitat for Humanity China, PLAN Hong Kong and many others. The studio is available for photography and video shoots, classes, events and parties.

Contact Details:

Victor Cheung, Senior Partner

Tel: +852 3693 4044 / +852 6627 5277


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For those of you who don’t already know this, I am one of the owners of PASM Workshop.  I co-wrote the above press release.  I am THRILLED that we are going to be hosting this exhibition!