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Philippines Allstars – LiveVibe Hong Kong – Preview

I shot LiveVibe Hong Kong’s first show in 2010 and am pleased to be shooting them again for the return to Hong Kong.  First show was last night, second show this afternoon.  Last night I offloaded all the photos from memory cards to my hard disk and took a quick look.  Here’s some shots of the Philippines Allstars.  More shots to come in a few days.






Open Show Hong Kong #2

I know – it’s been a long time since I’ve posted.  I’ve been busy between my house move and job search and haven’t been shooting much lately.  I should have mentioned Open Show Hong Kong #2 before it happened but I just didn’t get to it.  My apologies.

Open Show Hong Kong #2, held at PASM Workshop, featured 5 outstanding photographers, exhibiting and discussing their work and taking questions from the audience:

Khai van Kampen:


Manpreet Singh:


Isaac Pereira:


Jan Kudej:


Liam Fitzpatrick:


Open Show Hong Kong #3 will take place in mid April.  If you’re interested in exhibiting or attending (it’s free!) drop me a line.  Here’s a few shots of some of the people in the audience.







I think it’s fair to say a good time was had by all.  I hope to see some of you at our next event.


Anti Social Media Underground

I shot an event called Anti Social Media Underground at the Backstage bar in Lan Kwai Fong on January 12th for the good folks at Hong Kong’s Underground.  The concept was to forget all about social media for a few hours and pay attention to the bands on stage.  Here are a few highlights:

Opening act Innisfallen:


Dr. Eggs flying high:


And finally spacey progressive sounds from Macau’s Forget The G:


Here’s our hostess with the mostest, Chris B:


And one of many audience shots:


I mostly shot without a flash tonight (except for the audience shots), attempting to preserve the ambiance and gaining the ability to shoot in burst mode.  I think the flash would have served me better during Dr. Eggs’ energetic set and it did mean some extra work in terms of getting the colors reasonably right given the stage lighting there.  I might go back to shooting with the flash next time out.

There’s an entire gallery of images from the evening here.

And remember, if you’d like to hire me to shoot your band or event, contact me and let’s talk!


Open Show Hong Kong #1

The first Open Show Hong Kong took place at PASM Workshop last night, featuring photos and presentations from Jonathan van Smit, Yoav Horesh, Brett Elmer, Thomas Luk, Kenny Yung, Tse Oi Lam and Sean Creamer.  It was a great showcase as each photographer not only showed their work but also discussed some of the how and why behind their pictures as well as taking questions from the audience.  Here’s a slide show of some of my photos from the event:

PASM CrewJonathan van SmitKenny Yung, Curt Chow, Thomas LukBeautiful Contax CameraCurt ChowOpen ShowOpen ShowHarris - PASM CrewVictoria - PASM CrewKenny YungThomas LukYolanda Van Der MeschtKenny YungSean CreamerSean CreamerMe Trying Sean's TechniqueThomas LukGorgeous HasselbladBrett ElmerYoav HoreshJonathan van Smit


Mongolian Booth Babes

I apologize if the heading of this post is a bit disrespectful but it’s the only one that seems to fit.  Last week I shot my first corporate event, the Mongolia Investment Summit.  Two days wearing a suit, on my feet 9 hours per day, shooting speakers, panels and the exhibition floor.  I learned more about Mongolia than I ever expected to learn in a lifetime, most of it serious but not all of it.  (One speaker informed us that Mongolia has four seasons: Almost Winter, Winter, Still Winter and Road Construction.)

You’d think that a conference of this nature would be on the dry side (and you wouldn’t be entirely wrong).  However, even a serious event like this managed to throw in a little sex appeal.  On the first day, there were four Mongolian models in traditional outfits.

It’s probably worth noting that each of these women stood around 6 feet tall (in heels).  I was unable to get a shot of all four together because none of them seemed to speak very much English.

The booth for Mongolian Properties wasn’t too shabby either.

Here’s the reporter from Bloomberg TV Mongolia.  Her name is Delgermaa Munkhbat.

All in all, not a bad way to spend a couple of days.