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Some Shenzhen Photos

Just posting some pictures here.  For the story behind them, you can check it out on Hongkie Town. A very hot day and a very rainy night so no walking-around photos.



Staff meal:

Kaktooz band at X-Ta-Sea Bar

All shot with the Fuji X-Pro1 with the 35mm F1.4 lens.  It’s just insane (in a good way) how narrow the depth of field is at F1.4 and how beautifully detailed the images can be when things come together.  For the band shots, I probably should have switched autofocus from S to C – too many out-of-focus shots as well as the terrible stage lighting (for photography) at that bar.  (Kaktooz are friends.  They used to be one of the house bands at Amazonia in Wanchai and I hadn’t seen them since they moved up to Shenzhen more than a year ago.)



Angelababy Screwed Up

One of the more popular current models in Hong Kong goes by the stage name Angelababy.   She’s been in several films, released some records, has her name attached to some restaurants and other businesses – all by the age of 23.  I’ve got no idea if she possesses any actual talent but she’s certainly easy on the eyes.

(It’s been rumored that she’s undergone extensive plastic surgery to achieve her current look, which would not be unusual in this part of the world.)

Why mention her in a blog post here (aside from the opportunity to run a picture of a pretty girl)?  Well, she was a spokesmodel for Panasonic.  And she leaked Panasonic’s GF5 camera to the world by posting a photo of it on Instagram.  Panasonic has retaliated –  canceling her contract, demanding a full refund on her contract plus 10% additional as a “penalty.”  If you’re interested, you can view the original story here (in Chinese) and a partial translation and discussion here.  The matter will be settled in a Beijing court.

Someone should have told her to stick to posting pictures of her meals on Instagram.


Two Views of Shenzhen

Jeez, I’m loving the Fuji X100.  And the funniest bit is that I don’t even mind being stuck with a single focal length when I go out.  The 23mm (35mm equivalent) is great for many different scenes and situations.  For those that it’s not so great, I’m enjoying the challenge of trying to find a way to capture something with that lens.

Sunday I went up to Shenzhen for a few hours.  The city has been massively cleaned up because of the current international Universiade game thingie.  Here’s the view at Lo Wu (Luo Hu in Putonghua):

This used to be Shenzhen’s equivalent of NYC’s Port Authority.  You’d come out of the train station and look around and it was the armpit of Shenzhen – you’d either dash into the shopping mall or else get away from there as quickly as possible.  And in case you’ve got any doubts, this is what it actually looked like on Sunday, this clean, this orderly.  All I did was play around with the color in Lightroom a bit, I didn’t Photoshop any objects in or out.  If I had a different camera, I might have opted for a wider angle lens to capture a bit more side-to-side but all the highlights are here.

Believe it or not, this was shot from the 4th floor men’s room in the Lo Wu Shopping Mall.  Those windows are not clean and the light in the washroom is reflecting like crazy so I’m pretty amazed that I was able to get something this clear.  And even more amazed when I got home and saw that bird flying up there – I confess I enhanced it a bit to make sure it was clear.   Years ago this river was basically an open sewer – kudos to those people who did such a good job cleaning it up.  It can be done.