Orange Peel

Orange Peel is a new music bar and lounge in Lan Kwai Fong. If you know Peel Fresco in Soho, most of the people involved in that bar are also running this one. A close friend is one of the co-owners, which mean I was invited to their soft opening party last night. Lots of wine and lots of live music.

Since it was a Saturday night and since I intended to drink more than Coca Cola, I didn’t want to lug a bag full of gear along. I slipped my Sony RX100 Mark III into my pocket to see how well it would do. The answer is – for the most part, quite good for its size.


(1/160th of a second, F2.8, ISO 5000)

These days I tend to mostly shoot semi-manual – manual shutter speed, manual F stop, auto ISO.


What I’m liking:

Of course, the faster lens, that only drops down to F2.8 instead of the useless (for me) F4.9 of the older Sony RX100 Mark I.

The tilt screen and electronic viewfinder (EVF) were both amazingly helpful for composing shots.

The shots when the camera chose ISO 4000 or ISO 5000 were all quite acceptable.

There’s no noticeable lag between pushing the shutter button and actually taking the shot, meaning I could capture the moments I wanted.


What I’m not liking:

When the camera “dropped down” to ISO 6400, the results were starting to get unacceptably noisy, as seen in this photo:



Also, I clearly need to go back to the manual and read more about the focus modes. I must be doing something wrong, because I tried just about every combination of focus and metering modes and the camera kept selecting faces off to the side, rather than the one smack in the middle of the image, to focus on. Even though depth of field when shooting wide open on a small sensor camera isn’t quite as narrow as on a full frame, it’s still “off” enough to be noticeable.


Overall, I’m quite pleased with the results. The Sony RX100 Mark III is an amazingly capable camera for its size. I can only begin to guess how much better a Mark V or Mark VI might be a few years down the line.

I also had a really nice time at Orange Peel and wish them a lot of luck going forward.



  1. Gary Billups October 21, 2014 at 9:24 pm #

    I am a Tenor player coming to HK.Would like to visit Orange Peel.

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