Sony RX100 Mark III

I finally got the Sony RX100 Mark III. The improvements over my old Sony RX100 Mark I (much faster lens, EVF, tilt screen and lots of other small things) were too many and I felt offered good reasons for an upgrade. It was just a matter of when I was going to pick it up, I suppose.

I realized that as capable a camera as the Sony RX10 is, it’s just too big and heavy to be an every day walking around camera. Looking back through my photos, I saw that while I had shot a lot with the RX10 when I first got it (it was the camera I brought with me to Paris for my honeymoon), I hadn’t really touched it in several months. So as much as I liked it, selling it off made sense.

I’m just “getting to know” my new RX100 and I am liking it every bit as much as I hoped I would. The only annoying bits I’ve found (so far) are Sony’s menus (as always) and the weird fact that when you pop the EVF back into the camera body, the camera shuts itself off.

Anyway, a small series of photos – not great photos but I think they show what this camera can be capable of.

They’re tearing down a house in my village. The house is less than a year old and was never occupied. I think that it was built without a government permit, the government found out and ordered it to be torn down – at least that’s my best guess. I came out of my house one morning and saw that the demolition had begun.


I came home around 8 PM and took a few more shots.


That shot above is at ISO 4000. If you zoom in on it, it’s a bit noisy, but still quite acceptable.


The shot above, believe it or not, is at ISO 8000. Very noisy now, the fine detail is all but gone, but yet as a simple image documenting something on the street, it’s still quite good enough. At least I think so.


This final shot is taken using the camera’s built-in pop-up flash. That little flash is insanely powerful.


Every day, a little bit more of the house is gone. I just hope that when they finish tearing it down, they cart off the debris and don’t just leave it lying there in the lot. Given that this is Hong Kong, it’s a distinct possibility.

Meanwhile, I’m quite pleased with the Sony RX100 Mark III. Now I just gotta get out there and find some good stuff to shoot with it!




  1. nonom September 2, 2014 at 3:43 am #

    I bought the M3 to replace the original RX100 for my wife. Keeping the Mk1 as it is still a quality bit of kit.

    Great cameras.

  2. nonom August 10, 2015 at 7:45 pm #

    Well, nearly a year in to the M3 and my wife loves it to bits.

    Best gadget I’ve bought her, she claims. We have some excellent shots from it and she hasn’t clue about apertures or anything photographic, so she’s not wrong.

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