Adobe Creative Cloud for the Cost of 2 Large Starbucks Coffees

Adobe’s about to release a new package for their Creative Cloud. You will get Photoshop CC, Bridge CC, Lightroom 5 and 20 gig of online storage for US$10 a month.  That’s $120 a year, less than the cost of the boxed version of Lightroom alone.

In order to get this price, you have to be a current Adobe customer (Photoshop version 3 or higher) and you have to sign up before the end of the year. The launch date in the U.S. is September 17th; no word on international availability.

I’m currently paying US$20 per month for Photoshop CC and some other stuff (Lightroom isn’t included in my subscription). I am glad I never upgraded to Lightroom 5 and I’ll switch to this package as soon as I can.


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