A Few Random RX100 Shots

I think the only reason I left the house today was because I pushed myself to do it so I’d get outside and get to know the RX100 a little bit better.  The result – bought 1 of the 2 things I needed to buy and somehow ended up buying shoes that might be too small. Anyway …. outside, the RX100 really shines (pardon the pun).  This first photo more for the textures and the detail rather than anything else:


And here’s a crop from the above.


Is it as sharp as my D800? No, of course not. But it’s certainly good enough. And since I do crop a lot, having a 20 mega pixel sensor certainly doesn’t hurt.

Maybe some time I should do a post on how horrible it is to have to shoot when you only have an LCD screen and not a viewfinder. Exact framing is all but impossible, especially in bright light. I wish there was an accessory viewfinder available for this, but without a hot shoe I suppose there’s no way to mount one.

And you lose the stability one gets when one holds a camera with two hands, elbows bent, up against your face. Fortunately Sony’s image stabilization works pretty well to compensate for that.


Now with some cropping and a few other minor adjustments:


As you should be able to see, the detail is fine enough to clearly make out the two characters on those red signs on the door.

I love wandering around in Hong Kong and coming across classic shops like this one:


I suppose this sort of image cries out for a black and white treatment, huh?


Always something interesting to see along Sai Yeung Choi South Street on a Saturday.


A bit further down the street.


Doesn’t really look much like RDJ, does it?


Well, as I said in the subject for this post, random shots.

But overall, yes, the Sony RX100 is so small and light that one can easily bring it along for the day without having to think twice.  And you can pull it out of your pocket, turn it on and grab a photo (or, ahem, snap a shot) with one hand, which is nice. The small size will definitely be an advantage for remaining inconspicuous or looking like a tourist when shooting crowded streets.

I’m not finding the Sony menus as annoying as I was anticipating. But I’m still not really familiar with the controls – it’s not like a Fuji X camera where everything is right there on dials in front of you.  I need to get a bit more used to the controls and start getting the hell out of “P” mode.



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