Quick Note – Tonight Nikon D800 File Sizes are Killing Me

I shot around 2500 photos across two performances of LiveVibe Hong Kong.   You shoot something like this, you’re shooting burst mode, or at least pressing that shutter button about as often as you can, especially when dancers are doing leaps, spins and other amazing moves.

#1 – Burst mode is useless when you’re shooing RAW.  Even using Lexar 1000x CF cards, the buffer would fill up so soon, writing time to the cards took so long, after doing an initial burst of about 5 photos in a second or two, I was reduced to one picture per second for the next 5 to 10 seconds.  I didn’t want to switch to JPG because the crappy lighting design for the show means I’m gonna need the RAW files to get things to look the way I want.

#2 – Back home, let’s do some math.  2500 RAW files at an average size of 75 meg each = 187.5 gigabytes.  My MacBrook Pro’s SSD is 250 gig and has about 80 gig of free space.  The only external USB drive I’ve got that’s formatted for the Mac at the moment is a 120 gig drive.  I need to hunt down a larger external drive to offload the files from the memory cards.  And if I wasn’t so tired, I would have realized that before I imported half the stuff over, only to find out that I don’t have enough space to import it all.

I know, old news.  Still …


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