Random Photos From a Random Day

If I haven’t been posting photos as frequently as in the past, that’s because I haven’t been shooting as often.  But with three paid gigs coming up in March and more time to think following my house move, I’m getting back into it again.  Here’s a few shots from today that I’m relatively happy with.






A few words about that last photo.  Everyone who lives in the villages of Hong Kong knows about “village dogs,” which I believe is a euphemism for abandoned pets living on the streets and living on garbage.

In Sai Kung, the dogs around my village were actually pretty healthy looking, aside from a few that were lame because they’d been hit by cars.  Here in Lam Tsuen, it seems to be a different story.  I’ve noticed more than a few dogs walking around that have all sorts of wounds.  But I never saw anything as shocking as this once-beautiful dog that I came upon today.  As near as I can figure it, its owner abandoned it without even bothering to remove its post-operative protective plastic collar.  Meanwhile the wounds on the dog’s side, as near as I can guess not being a doctor, have become badly infected, with these prominent purple swellings.  I have a few closer shots that give a better look at the wounds but I think they’re potentially too disturbing to post here.

I wanted to go over to the dog and at least remove that collar from around his neck but, well, you see those wounds, I felt it could be potentially dangerous.  I have, however, contacted the SPCA this evening asking if there is anything that they or I could do here and I’m waiting for their response.


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