Anti Social Media Underground

I shot an event called Anti Social Media Underground at the Backstage bar in Lan Kwai Fong on January 12th for the good folks at Hong Kong’s Underground.  The concept was to forget all about social media for a few hours and pay attention to the bands on stage.  Here are a few highlights:

Opening act Innisfallen:


Dr. Eggs flying high:


And finally spacey progressive sounds from Macau’s Forget The G:


Here’s our hostess with the mostest, Chris B:


And one of many audience shots:


I mostly shot without a flash tonight (except for the audience shots), attempting to preserve the ambiance and gaining the ability to shoot in burst mode.  I think the flash would have served me better during Dr. Eggs’ energetic set and it did mean some extra work in terms of getting the colors reasonably right given the stage lighting there.  I might go back to shooting with the flash next time out.

There’s an entire gallery of images from the evening here.

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