If I Had The Money, I’d Buy the Sony RX1

Just a random thought.  The Olympus OMD is very nice indeed but I’m not going to invest money in buying lenses for a second camera system.  Also, with most of the available lenses attached, it’s not even a little bit pocket friendly.

The Sony RX-1, on the other hand …. Full frame sensor.  35mm fixed lens.  Would fit in a jacket pocket with ease.  At HK$24,000, it’s not even remotely cheap.

One might look at it by comparing it to the Nikon D600, which in all probability has the same sensor inside.  The Nikon costs around US$2,000 with no lens.  Add in the cost of a lens and then shrink it down so it’s pocket-sized and you’d get to that same price point.

That being said, the Sony has its flaws.  The 35mm lens is just F2.0 and for that price and for a fixed lens one would think they could have done F1.4.  That’s negligible.

The lack of a true EVF, the fact that you have to do all your framing and focusing on the rear LCD, really cripples the camera.  You can buy a bolt-on EVF but it’s expensive and increases the camera size.  Actually, I think that it was DigLloyd who decided that the true cost of the RX1 is closer to US$4,000 once one buys an EVF, a spare battery and some other accessories.

Still, a pocket-sized camera with a full frame sensor would work well for me.

I find the Sony RX100, with its APS-C sized senor, a bit quirky, based on what I’ve read.  It’s possible to pick one up used in HK for just a few thousand bucks.  I’m curious what Sony will change or improve with the RX200 or RX101 or whatever they choose to call the next model.  And curious about the RX2, whenever that’s going to happen.

For the time being, buying a new camera isn’t going to happen.  But I can still fantasize.



  1. davethevet January 11, 2013 at 11:42 pm #

    I was really interested in this too, I tried it out in the Sony store in Causeway Bay and the focus drove me nuts. No peaking in normal view is mental and the contrast detect just is nt accurate enough when you have a busy scene. But it is almost there. Leaf shutter is sweet for flash sync, lens sensor matching, its almost like a konica hexar af but thats too much money for the af to drive you nuts.
    I might look again in six months if there is a firmware update and prices have dropped. But I know what you mean, pocket sized full frame is an amazing achievement.

  2. UII January 27, 2013 at 9:52 am #

    I too tried it in the Causeway Bay Sony Style shop.

    Nicely-made piece of kit. You can be sure that the next-gen will have an EVF.

    If I were thinking of a Sony camera, it would be the NEX-6 with the Metabones Speedbooster and a bunch of Canon primes (35/2, 50/1.4, 85/1.8, 100/2).

    BTW, the RX100 uses a 1″ sensor, not APS-C.

    If you want APS-C in a pocket fixed-lens, rumours are that the upcoming Ricoh GRD V may offer just that.

  3. UII March 3, 2013 at 8:28 pm #

    My comment above still stands, but I’m now also interested in getting the Sigma DP1/2/3 Merrills.

    I just love the Foveon look, and at those high resolutions carrying 3 smallish cameras seem worthwhile, especially now that the 1 and 2 have dropped to $799.

    A DP4 Merrill at 85mm F2 would clinch the deal.

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