My buddies from Hong Kong band The Sleeves put on a show called Britrock at the Hong Kong Brew House in Lan Kwai Fong yesterday.  They were joined by Black Coffee, The Paisleys and Danny Hunt.  It was a fun night out.  My only complaint is that the HK Brew House (a place I actually like) only has one single crappy light for the entire stage.  It was an interesting challenge because I needed completely different settings on the camera for anyone who wasn’t standing directly under that light, but it did give some interesting shadows and contrasts.

We arrived late, so opening act Black Coffee was just finishing their set.

Next up was the Paisleys, just two kids, guitar and drums.  They were the surprise of the night and I think they’re gonna be worth keeping an eye on.

Next up was a group fronted by Danny Hunt, who was proudly sporting a Movember mustache.

The Sleeves closed out the night with an energetic set.

You see that light in the upper left hand corner above?  That was it. One light for the entire stage.  One weird disco light.  For the entire stage.

Couple of audience shots:

Actually it was busier there than these shots would indicate. I have no idea what’s up with all the plaid.

Outside, it was a typical Lan Kwai Fong Saturday night.  If we weren’t so tired after the set, I would have hung out to take more photos.  Here’s a few snaps I took during smoke breaks.

Despite all the construction, Lan Kwai Fong remains popular on Saturday nights … and pretty much every other night of the week.


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