Mongolian Booth Babes

I apologize if the heading of this post is a bit disrespectful but it’s the only one that seems to fit.  Last week I shot my first corporate event, the Mongolia Investment Summit.  Two days wearing a suit, on my feet 9 hours per day, shooting speakers, panels and the exhibition floor.  I learned more about Mongolia than I ever expected to learn in a lifetime, most of it serious but not all of it.  (One speaker informed us that Mongolia has four seasons: Almost Winter, Winter, Still Winter and Road Construction.)

You’d think that a conference of this nature would be on the dry side (and you wouldn’t be entirely wrong).  However, even a serious event like this managed to throw in a little sex appeal.  On the first day, there were four Mongolian models in traditional outfits.

It’s probably worth noting that each of these women stood around 6 feet tall (in heels).  I was unable to get a shot of all four together because none of them seemed to speak very much English.

The booth for Mongolian Properties wasn’t too shabby either.

Here’s the reporter from Bloomberg TV Mongolia.  Her name is Delgermaa Munkhbat.

All in all, not a bad way to spend a couple of days.



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