Fuji X-Pro1 Recent Shots

I may not have been posting here too often but in part that’s because I’m shooting more photos than ever.  And while I’m relying on my Nikon D800 for any professional (or semi-professional) work, I’m using the X-Pro1 more often and trying to get used to its idiosyncrasies.  I’ve stopped shooting in RAW at least for the time being (word is that Fuji is now working directly with Adobe so maybe we’ll see some improvement in Adobe’s interpolation of Fuji’s RAW files in the near future) and also been playing around with the various in-camera filters.

Anyway, here’s a random compendium of photos shot with the Fuji X-Pro1 over the past couple of weeks.

The first two shots are of Yolanda and Sasha, who are running the Hong Kong edition of Open Show, which will be at PASM Workshop.  More on this later.

Here’s Chris B – of course I’ve shot her several times in the past.

Walking around in my ‘hood:

A few nights ago at The Wanch:

Even with the latest firmware upgrade for the lenses (released about a week ago), it remains challenging to properly capture “moving targets.”  But for relatively stationary people and objects, the camera is fabulous.  These days I’m mostly shooting wide open or close to it, 1/125th of a second or faster, and using auto-ISO – most of the bar shots above came out at ISO 6400 and you can see noise is definitely not an issue here.

More to come, of course.


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  1. UII November 4, 2012 at 8:45 pm #

    It is a wonder that you ever even bother with the Fuji.

    What is it actually good at?

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