Fuji X-Pro1 & Street

Not an extended treatise, just some random thoughts.

I was exporting a photo from Lightroom just now and saw that the number was 0014 and thought to myself, “what the hell, did the settings get changed, is it starting from 1 every time I reformat the memory card?”  The answer is no, I’ve shot 10,000 photos with the X-Pro1 in the few months that I’ve had it.  And even though the camera is much improved with the new firmware update, it’s still not quite where I’d like it to be.  It’s really still pretty much what my buddy Fernando Gros said a few months ago when he said, roughly, that it can be frustrating to use but when things come together the results are excellent.

The other night I was out with a buddy in a Mong Kok bar where they poured very generously.  A couple of hours later, about as toasted as I could be and still be walking, I had the idea to pull my camera out of the bag and try to shoot as I was walking down the street.  Over the next hour or so, I shot around 200 photos.  The next day, I deleted about 90% of them.  Much to my surprise, there were one or two reasonable shots.

This afternoon I was walking around Central (completely sober).  I pulled the camera out of the bag and tried doing some shooting.

The first thing I noticed was that, even with the firmware update, with focus mode set to S, the camera still wouldn’t focus fast enough for me to catch someone walking towards me.   I switched to C, where the camera doesn’t wait for focus to be locked in before triggering the shutter, and did reasonably better.  Shoot with the aperture closed down enough on a sunny day and it could work okay.  Even so, again I must have deleted more than 90% of the photos I took today.  My biggest problem at this point is that when I’m not bringing the viewfinder up from my eye, when I’m “shooting from the hip” in a manner of speaking, I have a tendency to point the camera too far down and come home with lots of photos of peoples’ shoes.  Something I need to work on.

On an only vaguely related note, you might be interested to check out Digital Rev’s hands-on review of the new Nikon D600.  It looks to be quite reasonable and if I had the need for a second camera body, this is the one I’d surely be considering.  What I find really interesting about this (and other Digital Rev videos featuring Kai) is just how fearless the guy is, how he doesn’t hesitate to kneel down right in front of someone and shoot a picture of a stranger on the street close-up without so much as a “may I?”  I think he gets some really nice shots but I don’t think this is something I’d be capable of doing – and on some levels at least I find it rude.  I suppose this is coming off as a criticism but I should also make it clear that I always enjoy Kai’s videos, just that I couldn’t do what he does.




  1. gregorylent September 28, 2012 at 7:26 pm #

    i love my d600 .. thinking of selling the d800, because every shot takes so much attention, support, planning .. d800, great for projects, useless for the street, and the files are huge … d600 has the auto mode if needed for quick from the hip shots, its light, fantastic image quality, rmore easonable file size, and something about those fat pixels, great for video, less tendency to blur shots …

    am also experiencing the same, shooting too low in my commando work .. heads cut off … so, tilt higher, of use a wider lens ..

    • spike September 28, 2012 at 8:22 pm #

      I’ve actually been doing some street stuff with the D800 and 35mm and 50mm lenses and quite pleased with the results. Yes, the camera is big and heavy, but the auto-focus is instantaneous. I “get” a far higher percentage of shots. And almost everyone figures I’m a tourist so mostly I’m ignored.

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