Jumping to Conclusions

Ken Rockwell has already reviewed the Fuji X-E1.

It drives me nuts shooting a DSLR or M9 when I can’t see my image pop up instantly in the finder after I’ve shot it — as I do with my X-E1.

The all-metal X-E1 is so far ahead of everything else that I’m going to need some new superlatives.

Italics mine.  How does he already own one when it hasn’t shipped yet?

Steve Huff seems to have reached conclusions about the Sony RX1 based on what exactly? Apparently a couple of minutes playing with a pre-production sample and some images provided by Sony.

 The sensor in the RX1 and the A99 appears to be the best 35mm full frame sensor on the market as of this writing but all I can do now is take their word for it because I was not able to go out and shoot with it.

 I saw comparisons of this sensor vs the D800 and 5DII and was blown away at the extended DR and lack of noise in the crops coming from the RX1 sensor. 

With the RX1 we are going to get best in class high ISO performance, real full frame DOF, amazing dynamic range and as always with Sony superb battery life and hopefully rich and detailed files.

Bold type his, not mine.

I’m sure these will both be fabulous cameras capable of taking great images; I’m just sayin’ …


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