Thom Hogan’s Guide to the Nikon D800

Thom Hogan’s Complete Guide to the Nikon D800 and D800E has been out for a little while.  I purchased my copy this evening and you can get one by clicking on this link.  It’s version 1.03, which has been out for just over a month.

This is an 821 page e-book in PDF format and, as you can see from the image above, costs US$29.99.

This is the first book of Hogan’s that I’ve bought and after skimming through it tonight, I’m loving it.  Some of it is extremely technical (40 pages on the sensor) but written in an easy to follow style with plenty of photos and illustrations to go along with the text.

I’m loving that the section titled Lenses and Focusing runs just under 75 pages, including 25 pages on the autofocus options as well as a chapter on autofocus fine tuning for individual lenses.

I previously owned David Busch’s guides to the D300 and D700 and was planning on buying his D800 book but the release date on that seems to have been pushed back a couple of times.  There is also the advantage of being able to download this rather than getting it shipped from the US (looks as if there won’t be a Kindle edition).  Not to forget the high esteem that many people have for Hogan’s previous books.  As a fan of his web site, buying this became a no-brainer for me.

I suppose there are those who might say that $30 for an e-book is too much.  If you’re one of those then fine, don’t buy it.  My take on it is that given the amount of time that must have gone into preparing this plus the fact that it is the only edition plus the fact that it’s not as if this is something that’s going to sell millions of copies and finally the value that I expect to get from this, I think the price is reasonable.


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