Incoming: Fuji X-E1

Images are starting to show up online for Fuji’s new X-E1 camera, another interchangeable lens camera that will use the same X-mount lenses used by the X-Pro1.  I found these two images here.

The second image is showing a chrome version of the camera with the also new 18-55mm F2.8-F4 image stabilized lens.  Also no optical viewfinder so no hybrid viewfinder like the X-Pro1 or X100.  The control layout on top seems to exactly match the X-Pro1.  People are saying that small rectangle next to the hot shoe means this might have a pop-up flash.

No specs yet, no release date yet, no word on price yet but clearly the “E” in the X-E1 stands for “Entry level”.

I’m not interested in the camera but could be very interested in this lens.  There’s also rumors that Fuji might soon announce an X-Pro2.


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