Quikdraw Looks Awesome

Here’s an intriguing idea for a product, found on Kickstarter.  It’s a lens holster.

The Quikdraw is an innovative lens holster for photographers on the go. The same twist-and-lock motion as your Canon EOS camera is used to securely store your lenses at the hip so they are instantly accessible.

The Quikdraw conveniently fits onto any standard-sized belt and securely holds any Canon EOS or Nikon F mount lens.  Developed with serious photographers in mind but you don’t need to be a pro to use it.  If you have ever attached a lens to a camera you can use Quikdraw.

Stop fumbling with your gear and effortlessly transition between your glass to capture the perfect photo every time.  Hang on to your camera and change glass with one hand!

So you clip this on your belt, pop a lens in, the body-side portion of the lens is covered by this thing, then just flip it out to put it on your camera.  This seems much easier than digging around in a bag to find the lens you want.

They’re looking to raise $100,000 to make this a reality; so far they’ve got pledges totaling around $18,000.  Pledge $75 and you’ll be one of the first to get this.

Use the Quikdraw Rather than digging through bags – With the Quikdraw all of your glass is ready to be deployed.

  • The Quikdraw is fool proof.  Once you insert a lens and rotate it more that 5 degrees it’s secure.  It’s impossible for the lens to become disengaged in the down position.
  • The Quikdraw keeps your lenses in the ready state – Lens cap and back cap off with the light hood attached.
  • With the Quikdraw your next lens change is within arms reach.  Just reach down and grab the lens you want.
  • Change glass within 5 seconds and unleash your creativity.
  • Leave your backup camera in your bag and retain all your camera settings.
  • Keep the back element of your lenses clean and dust free.
  • Show your glass off!  Camera envy now gives way to lens envy.

Well, not sure about that last point but this does look like it has potential.


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  1. UII August 18, 2012 at 12:25 pm #

    Given you need two hands to remove a lens, you’ll always need an empty one of these in addition to the occupied one(s).

    Interesting idea. A bit like the lens version of the spider holster.

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