Fuji X-Pro1 iPad App

Fuji has released an iPad app dedicated to the Fuji X-Pro1.  It’s free and you can download all 417 megabytes of it from the iTunes store.

It’s basically a 90-something page eBook, very nicely laid out and of course featuring gorgeous photos.  The app has very few interactive features (mostly you can tap spots on the screen to see more details about a particular photo you’re looking at).  Most of it is a far nicer user guide to the camera than the manual that comes with the camera originally.  There’s also a nice interview (with lots of photos of course) with a Japanese photographer in “Macao”, a guide to accessories for the camera and an “appendix” featuring a guide to Fuji’s Silkypix software.

Given that this is free, it’s not just for Fuji X-Pro1 owners – it’s also a great reference for people who are considering buying the camera.



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