Adobe Creative Cloud? Not in Hong Kong

Adobe’s been making quite a splash with their new Creative Cloud product.

Adobe® Creative Cloud™ is a digital hub that gives you access to every Adobe Creative Suite® 6 desktop application, plus online services and other new apps as they’re released, giving you the freedom to create anything you can imagine. The vision of Adobe Creative Cloud is to turn previously difficult, disparate workflows into one intuitive, natural experience, allowing you to create freely and deliver ideas on any desktop, tablet, or handheld device.

This is a big deal for people who use Adobe products.  You can buy just a single month of this for US $75 and then for one month have legal access to just about every Adobe product on multiple platforms, plus 20 gigs of online storage and hosted web sites.   You can get a one year subscription that works out to US$50 a month – or US$30 a month for one year if you’re upgrading to this from a previous version of certain Adobe products.  This is a huge savings over buying the regular versions of their stuff.

One reason this is of interest to me is that I’m someone who uses both Windows and Mac.  With Adobe Lightroom, if you buy it once, you can download both Windows and OS-X versions.  But not with Photoshop.  So I’d need to buy it twice, once for my desktop and once for my laptop.  Or I could have a single subscription to the Creative Cloud and get it everywhere for one price.

However, if you live in Hong Kong, Creative Cloud is nothing but a pipe dream, at least for now.

Adobe intends to make Creative Cloud membership as widely available as possible. Currently, it is not available in your region. However, Creative Suite 6 software is available, and you can purchase software licenses for individual products or Creative Suite editions — just as you have always done.

When you think about it, this makes zero sense because Hong Kong is a major global city when it comes to photography, design, marketing, publishing and so on.  Hong Kong is also an area that is traditionally big on software piracy.  Creative Cloud is a great way to combat piracy and not making it available from day one in Hong Kong is just plain stupid.

Fortunately I have a U.S. credit card with a U.S. billing address.  But what about the other 99% of people here?

By the way, here’s another way that Adobe says “fuck you” to Hong Kong.  If you’re in the U.S., you can buy CS6 from Amazon for US$620.88 (list price $699).   If you’re in Hong Kong, CS6 will cost you HK$6,530 – that’s US$850.  There’s simply no excuse for this disparity in pricing.





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