Getting It Together

One comment I received about a month ago regarding the Portfolio page here was the sort of thing that was so blindingly obvious that I’m kicking myself that it didn’t occur to me first.  That page (if you’ve never looked at it and are not in the mood to click over to it now) features a slide show with a selection of my best photos.  But the pictures are not arranged in any logical order – you get the HK skyline, then a musician then a bowl of food, then another musician, then a travel photo – you get the idea.  Clearly I need to work on not just getting people to “find” me but also to better exhibit what I can do.

This is taking longer than you might expect because I’ve been very bad when it comes to tagging my pictures in Lightroom.  Not only are at least 75% of the photos not tagged or keyworded but in many cases they’re in folders that are simply named with the date they were taken.  I just checked – I have over 28,000 pictures sitting in Lightroom.  Lightroom, being the smart and wonderful program that it is, instantly tells me that 17,928 of those pictures do not have keywords.  ARGH!

So, attempting to do this in a thematic way, I’ve gone through and tagged all of my HK island harbor shots – more than 1,000.  As I go through those, I’m doing a bit of re-processing and also doing some work on photos that I’d never touched before.  So, someday, soon (I hope!), there will be a revamped portfolio page.

In the meantime, here’s a few of the “new” shots.  I hope you like them – please note that these really look best when seen full screen so please look at them that way if possible!


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