Lan Kwai Fong Saturday Night

This past Saturday found me at the Hard Rock Cafe for Underground 103. Chris B asked me to step in as the official photographer for the night since the regular photog was on holiday and I gladly agreed.  This was, believe it or not, the first time I was doing serious shooting in a club situation with the Nikon D800 and I have to say that I’m extremely happy with the resulting photos.  Unfortunately, I can’t share them with you yet; I need to wait until after they’ve been posted to the Underground web site.  But I want to post something and I have a few other photos from the evening to share.

But before the photos … I’ve had some people advise me that posting casual photos here does me no good.  If I’m looking to promote myself as a professional photographer, if I’m hoping that people will come to this web site and then offer me a job or an assignment, this doesn’t play to my strengths.

Actually, a few days ago Scott Bourne posted similar advice as part of an article titled Social Media Mistakes Photographers Make.

#4 – Sharing snapshots on your feed: This is one that I don’t do personally but I see it so often and it drives me crazy. Someone goes to an event and decides to let their Tweeps and Geeps (G+ followers, I just made up this term) what they are up to by posting shaky-cam snapshots of the buffet table and horribly-lit photos of themselves and their friends. People – do not do this! People who look at your blog and your social media feed get used to a certain level of photographic quality once you established it by posting shots you are proud of – don’t throw it all out the window by posting crummy snapshots. I give Instagram a pass here because at least those photos typically look processed, for lack of a better word. If you want to show everyone what you’re up to with snapshots put them on your personal Facebook page or on Flickr where they belong, not your business entity’s social media stream.

So I’m torn.  I don’t think the photos that I choose to share here could be deemd “crummy snapshots.”  And I feel a bit weird when I post photos over to Hongkie Town.  (Although that’s exactly what I did with photos from my Bangkok trip last week – here, here, here and here.  It’s pretty clear that the last two photos are ones that don’t belong here but possibly the photos from the first two links might fit?) So while I’m thinking it over, and also rethinking some of the content and format here, I’m going to continue as I have in the past.

At any rate, here’s some of the other photos from Saturday night.  Look for my Underground photos soon.

This one’s just to give you an idea of how crowded Lan Kwai Fong gets on a Saturday night, even with all the construction going on there.  This was taken around midnight.

And here’s the audience inside the Hard Rock.

This clown came and went too fast!  I had no time to adjust my settings but I think the photo’s still reasonable.

Standing in the window of an upstairs bar and shouting down to the crowd, these girls had no trouble attracting a lot of attention from the crowd on the street.

These two were completely ignored by the crowd around them.

I always try and get into the spirit of these things.  And no, I didn’t only hug the girl, I hugged them both before asking them to pose.


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