Dead Bug Macro

I have no idea how people get those amazing macro shots of insects but I can guess that it must take a tremendous amount of pre-work getting set up and then a ton of patience.  Today, a dragonfly died just above my house and came to rest on my balcony railing so neither pre-work or patience needed.  My Fuji X-Pro1 was closest at hand and I slapped on the 60mm F2.4 macro lens.

Since I’ve never done this before, I was amazed at the amount of detail I was able to see in the photo that I couldn’t see when I was looking directly at the bug.

Last shot – I was shooting wide open at F2.4 and got a narrower depth of field than I’d expected.  (I’ve only had this lens for a week and this was my first time using it in macro mode.)  The face is sharper in the first photo but I also like this one for the detail of the legs (and while it’s still on the railing it’s too dark outside for me to go back and shoot more).

And besides, I’m not the kind of photographer who’ll arrange some fruit on a table and shoot a still life when stuck in the house, it’s nice when something sort of “drops in” like this.


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