Fei Ngo Shan July 1st

Checking Lightroom and my calendar, I’ve gone to Fei Ngo Shan (aka Kowloon Peak) 4 times in the past 7 days – Nikon D800 in hand.  I’ve already posted the shots from June 28th, a hazy day.

The weather – and the results I got – was noticeably improved on successive days and I’ve come away with a number of photos I’d like to share with everyone.

I’ll do a separate post for each day’s shoot and in order to help the blog page load quicker, I’m just going to have one image from each day, followed by the “more” tag, which will lead you to a slide show of images for that particular day.  I really hope you’ll click on the “continue reading” because I think there’s some really nice stuff here.

So, July 1st.  As you know, there were up to 400,000 marching in the streets of Hong Kong in protest.  There’s no correlation between that and the photos I took.  I already posted a couple of shots of Sai Kung and Tseung Kwan O, here are the best shots of HK island and Kowloon from that day.

Please click on “continue reading” to see a slideshow of my 20 favorite pictures from that day.

Photos taken July 1st, 2012 from Fei Ngo Shan/Kowloon Peak, Nikon D800.  Please be patient while the slideshow loads!





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