I Haven’t Forgotten My Fuji X100

For a walking around, street photography kind of camera, I’m convinced that the Fuji X100 is about as good as it gets right now (keeping in mind that I’ll never be able to afford to own a Leica M-9).  The size is great for not attracting attention to yourself and I find the controls on it just a complete pleasure to use.  So a few quick shots from today, walking around Sai Kung town.

You may find this hard to believe but this shot was taken from the 4th floor of a car park in the middle of Sai Kung town.  It’s one of the few spots I know where one can get an unobstructed view of the mountains that mark the district’s border.

Once a year they close down one of the streets in town and build a huge theater out of bamboo and corrugated tin for Cantonese opera and that time of year is now.  I managed to get this one photo before someone ran up and stood in front of me with her arms crossed and a very stern expression on her face.  Oh well.

We sat outdoors across from the theater for lunch.  I took some pictures of people passing by – mostly their backs because they were staring at the theater.  And then I got a shot of this guy, whom I’ve dubbed Mr. Cool.

It was freaking hot today, wish I’d brought a fan too.

My dog Bogey (as in Humphrey Bogart) always gets a lot of attention when I bring him to town.  This little boy, wearing a Snoopy t-shirt, was shy at first and then couldn’t stop petting him.

Tip – a dog is a great way to get people to come to you and while people are busy looking at the dog, you can get busy taking pictures of them.


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