Hong Kong Neon

Whenever I’m out at night, if I see a great neon sign, I grab a picture of it.  Neon may be a disappearing art in Hong Kong and needs to be preserved, one way or another.

For one thing, the government won’t allow erection of any new metal thingies to hold signs anymore.  If you’re lucky enough to rent a space that already has one, you can use it.  Or if your neighbor has one, you can pay to rent the scaffolding and put up your own sign.  (I heard tell that one Wanchai bar is paying HK$25,000 a month for this.)  Some of the best neon signs were for the chain of Tsui Wah restaurants – colorful, intricate affairs with English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean lettering.  Now Tsui Wah is “upgrading” to LED signs.  They ain’t the same.

Here’s a couple of signs I spotted last night in North Point.

This first one I’m not so sure, I assume it’s a night club.  I love the calligraphy on the large red letters.

This second one is shared by Wellcome (one of the two largest supermarket chains in HK) and Gold Dragon, a seafood hot pot restaurant.

Gold Dragon’s a pretty cool name, innit?

Someone should do a book on these.  Maybe that someone is me.  Anyone want to give me a publishing contract?


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  1. Buck April 4, 2012 at 10:15 pm #

    Eye popping!

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