Jeff Beck, Hong Kong March 2010

Jeff Beck came to Asia World in Hong Kong on March 23rd, 2010.  (I originally wrote about it and posted some photos here.  The photos here have been “re-developed” and are different from the ones in the original Hongkie Town blog post.)

For those who don’t know who he is (and there are many of you), Beck first came to fame as one of the lead guitarists in The Yardbirds (after Eric Clapton and before Jimmy Page).  The first edition of the Jeff Beck Group included Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood.  Beck may not have reached the same level of commercial success as Clapton or Page but that’s because he’s gone down his own unique path, recording primarily instrumental albums covering a wide variety of genres, from straight forward rock to jazz fusion to heavy metal.  Beck is one of the greatest and most influential rock guitarists of all time.

So it’s hard to believe that this show in 2010 was the first time that Beck came to Hong Kong in his career.  I’ve seen him live only twice before.  The first time was in the mid-70s sharing a bill with the Mahavishnu Orchestra in Boston.  The second time was just a few years ago at the Fuji Speedway Rock Festival in Japan and aside from doing his own amazing set, he also came out to jam with Santana during their encore.

For this tour, his band included Narada Michael Walden, a music celebrity in his own right, on drums.

The show was a flawless 90 minutes, a master class in the art of the lead guitar.   Beck didn’t speak to the audience much but was clearly enjoying himself on stage.

The show was also notable for me personally, as it was the first time in more than 20 years that I had a media pass and was able to be right in front of the stage for the first three songs.   I was quite pleased with the results and hope you enjoy them as well.

I’m including this shot here because for reasons I have never quite figured out, it’s proven to be somewhat popular on Flickr.

I was thinking that this one looks like it could be an album cover:

Or maybe better fussed with a little bit more in Lightroom.

Here are two more examples of my getting “creative” in Lightroom.

What do you think?  Arty or overkill?

There’s a full gallery with 55 pictures from the show here.


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