Phottix PASM One Shot Competition Finals

PASM Workshop, the studio I co-own, held a photography competition over the past few months and the finals were held at the studio yesterday, January 23rd.   Sponsored by photography accessories maker Phottix, the contest was unusual.  Each contestant had no idea what he or she was going to shoot!  The contestant would come into the studio, see the set and the model and then have 15 minutes to set the lights, direct the model and take a photo.   Each contestant would then have just 15 minutes to process the photo on the computer and could submit just one photo for each round.

After several rounds, the field was narrowed down to 8 finalists.  Here’s Jun Tsang, who placed third in the competition:

If I remember correctly, this is Him Chan, who came in second:

First prize went to Telly Sun.  And it should be noted that while every other contestant brought in their own laptop (mostly MacBooks) to process their photos, Telly brought a 27 inch iMac!

And I also should note that unlike the other photographers, Telly tried putting herself into the picture as well.

Here are the judges for the competition, reviewing the final 8 photos.  From right to left, they are Martin Lam, Felix So and Robert Tran.

Here are the 8 final photos:

Telly Sun’s winning photo is bottom row, 3rd from left.

Him Chan’s second place photo is bottom row, 2nd from left.

Jun Tsang’s third place photo is top row, 1st on the left.

I was really amazed to see how 8 different people given the same set, the same model and the same amount of time came up with 8 very different visions.   I’m looking forward to more competitions at PASM and thinking that next year I might try my hand at this myself.


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