Quick Update

Hi everyone.  Thanks for visiting.  Hope you’ll come back and also recommend this site to your friends.  If you’ve got a web site or blog of your own, please link back to here.

Also, I wanted to let you know that there are several things planned for the immediate future here.  I’ll be changing the Galleries page to make it load faster and make the individual galleries linkable.   And I’ll be writing a more proper “introduction” for the blog.

Look for more galleries soon – so far I’ve been going through the Hongkie Town archives in reverse order.  But I’m not simply reposting HT content; I’m actually going through my photos and reprocessing them in Lightroom, taking into account the upgrade from Lightroom 2 to 3 as well as the fact that I’m continually improving with Lightroom.  But rather than post this stuff as new, I’ve been backdating the posts roughly to when the photos were originally shot.

Note that the photos in blog posts are right-clickable but the photos on the home page and in the galleries aren’t.  That’s a feature of Photocrati and it’s something that I’m not planning on messing with.

New content will come as soon as things warm up a bit or there’s a clear night; I’m definitely in the mood to shoot.


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