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LiveVibe is a freeform music and dance show that’s been running in London for 10 years and on December 21st, creator/choreographer Hakeem Onibudo brought it to the Jockey Club Amphitheatre at the Academy of Performing Arts in Hong Kong.  I don’t know a thing about dance but a friend of a friend was the production manager and so I went to check it out.  I loved it!

The Hong Kong show was presented in both English and Cantonese and most of the acts were local acts – and really talented ones at that.  I suppose that with all of the TVB variety shows and music videos shot here, it stands to reason that Hong Kong should have its share of talented dancers and choreographers so I shouldn’t be surprised.

Anyway, hope I’m attaching the right names to the pictures!

Here’s Hakeem:

This is the co-host for the night, Dee Gor:

This is the opening act, Les Danseurs, choreographed by Vivian Chan and Tracy Wong.

Here’s the Billy Chan Dance Studio (BCDC) doing “Water in Motion”:

The first musical act, The Original Architects.

Another Hong Kong group, Studiodanz, choreographed by Alexey Balash:

This is musical group The Astrocytes.  Were they for real or was it a joke?  No idea.

In between acts, people were brought out of the audience to participate and show off a bit.  And a lot of the people who volunteered were pretty damned good.

Hong Kong group Since 70′s brought the fun with “Puppet Show”:

From the UK, Letitia Simpson and Duwane Taylor from Impact Dance:

And last but certainly not least, dancers from Hong Kong’s Youth Outreach School of Hip Hop put on a spirited presentation:

Following the show, the stage became one big party until folks drifted off to the after party (and I went home).

It’s really a shame more people didn’t turn out for this.  Tickets were just HK$298 and the show was incredibly entertaining.  I hope that they’ll bring this back to HK again and I’ll definitely be there if they do.

This was my first time shooting dancers and I knew it would be a challenge.  The combination of dim lights and fast movement made it even more challenging than I’d anticipated.  This is all shot at ISO 3200, and I was switching back and forth between my 24-70mm f/2.8 and 70-200mm f/2.8.  Shooting shutter priority, almost every shot is at f/2.8 meaning depth of field is quite shallow.  Nevertheless, I’m really pleased with the results.

Check the Gallery for a lot more pictures from this great event.

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