Teresa Carpio Christmas Concert

“Teresa Carpio – can she still sing?”  So said one of my co-workers when I mentioned I’d be going to her 2010 Christmas concert in Hong Kong.  The answer is yes, she can, and very well indeed.  I wish she’d take her great voice and apply it to more challenging material but after so many years, her audience has expectations and she left that audience happy and screaming for more.

Guests at the concert included her father, jazz drummer Fernando Carpio, who sang one song and played an extended drum solo.

And Nat Chan was brought up from the audience to sing a duet with Teresa, John Lennon’s “Imagine” (an odd choice for a Christmas show).

And kids from the Teresa Carpio International School had their moments in the spotlight as well.

All in all, a most enjoyable evening.

As always, check the Gallery for more photos from this event.


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